Tidung Island or Pulau Tidung is undoubtedly an island in Thousand Islands. Tidung becomes famous as a consequence of “Jembatan Cinta” or “Bridge of Love” which connects Pulau Tidung Besar (The Greater Tidung Island) and Pulau Tidung Kecil (Small Tidung Island). Besides Bridge of Love where people can jump, visitors also can play water sport and do snorkeling. The area provides you with colorful assortment of coral reefs, tropical fish and exotic sea creatures. This is the reason this island was chosen as DG Family holiday destination.

Did you ever hear from the Bridge of Love? Perhaps you think it absolutely was a long way away but make no mistake, it’s not far and never expensive to go to the Bridge of affection. The bridge is definitely an attraction from the tourist part of Tidung island, among the islands from the Thousand Islands, and yet from the Jakarta area. Tidung island or Pulau Tidung is split into two large islands Tidung Besar and Tidung Kecil, connected through the Bridge of Love having a duration of approximately 800 meters.

Mahardika Villa has 6 houses. Each house has 2 bedrooms, 1 family room with extra bed and 1 bathroom. The villa has directly view on the beach associated with extensive Gazebo. The gazebo can be used as gathering area where visitors can hang out together while experiencing the sea breeze. The gazebo has been equipped with karaoke set.

Pulau Tidung Indonesian Island Holidays

Cycling: For any decent Paket Pulau Tidung every day you are able to already cycle round the island of Great Tidung. It’s beautiful and quiet because there are no cars allowed in the island. The climate on the island Tidung is very different from the urban Jakarta. Read about people’s homes with plants in-front and trees shadowing within the small roads.

Tidung is amongst the 76 coral islands from the chain of the the phone call the Thousand Islands. These Islands can be found above the coast of Jakarta and are a real oasis compared to the busy city of Jakarta. For all those who wants to escape the hectic of Jakarta, then this is basically the place to visit. By ferry just a couple hours far from Jakarta it is possible to relax and relish the quietness this Island has to offer. Tidung is less developed as various other Islands which makes it more quit and fewer touristic. It is really not commercialized yet, which means all is handled with the locals self (community based). Accommodation you will discover allow me to share simple but neat and comfortable home stays with Ac.

Tidung exist of 2 Islands, Tidung Besar (big) and Tidung Kecil (small). The small Pulau Seribu consist mainly of Mangroves and nobody is living here. This smaller Island is connected with Tidung Besar with a wooden bridge. Tidung Besar is really a just 200 wide and along 5 kilometers it is home for your around 4.000 inhabitants and surrounded with nice white sand beaches. The ocean around Tidung is pretty shallow and it has nice coral reefs which of course gives nice destination to live for your many colorful fishes. Join us on this tour and relish the amazing quit and relaxed environment, walk or cycle around about this small Island and alter your mindset after you have left the oh so crowded Jakarta.

After all of us had our fun, we had been escorted again to our own villa. Once we arrived, dinner was served. Before a bath, we ate and spend time together. Right after a bath, we took a shorter rest because we had to save some energy for your third activity at 08.00 pm which barbeque and karaoke time.